The “Occupy” movement explodes globally with rallies in most cities tomorrow

Posted on October 14, 2011


It started out with the occupy movement on Wall Street; a leaderless movement to call attention to the plight of the common man. While Wall Street received TARP funds and was bailed out for their great idea of name your payment mortgages and railroading millions into adjustable rate mortgages with predictable results when they qualified for better mortgages, while the auto industry was bailed out for building gas hogs over the past two dozen or so years as gas prices were edging 5.00 per gallon, while the making home affordable program isn’t doing much with respect to the unemployed and government owned loans, while last month there was an 11% spike in foreclosures with significantly more foreclosures on the horizon, the momentum of the movement has expanded globally to every major western city throughout the United States and the world – as well as most larger cities throughout California. Over 950 cities globally are engaged in this international day of action.

Every major California City we googled with “occupy” put in front of the city name returned an “occupy city” result. The same social networking platforms that powered the “arab spring”, namely, facebook, twitter, google+ and other social networking sites have now turned inwards towards reforming this countries priorities under the umbrella of the other 99%.  Many people this year have come across an additional phenomena. The safety nets that were temporarily erected to save main street from economic collapse began to hit their expiration dates in March/April of this past year. Unemployment extensions ran their course for millions of workers nationwide.  As a result, mortgage defaults are back on the rise with no end in sight. Housing prices are beginning to collapse, falling 6% in the past thirty days as all of the previous foreclosures begin to flood the real estate market.

Tomorrow, October 15, 2011 is the occupy movements international day of action with rallies planned worldwide.  Check your local largest city to see activity in your area. Even conservative areas of California have rallies planned with hundreds pledging to attend. Redding, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Diego. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose are all cities that have rallies scheduled for tomorrow.

Now that Wall Street has been helped, it’s time to look towards helping main street. As the current foreclosure crisis grows, those held accountable will be those that resisted or ridiculed the call to action in the next election cycle as the backlash grows.