The Judicial Council & the AOC: Too many unanswered questions…

Posted on October 12, 2011


The insidious effects of not addressing public corruption is that public corruption tends to increase as a result. Think about that for a moment with respect to criminal psychology 101: A perp knocks over a bank or convenience store. The heist was easy, no one was shot or killed, they made off with a pile of dough in mere minutes. Criminal psychology tells us that our perp will likely repeat the crime. Indeed, even our law enforcement follows leads only so far before moving on to the next higher priority case, waiting for a perp to repeat the same M.O. so that they might gather more evidence, put together a pattern and assemble more clues as to the perps identity.

Have you ever noticed how one bank robbery is rarely covered, yet if there are a pattern of bank robberies, a picture or other evidence might be assembled and law enforcement labels the perp with a bandit name? It’s something you don’t hear a whole lot about but bank robbery is on the rise. Here is just a few names of wanted bandits in Los Angeles, A through D.

This isn’t a coincidence. This is a product of basic criminal psychology. True manhunts typically only happen when people die, otherwise , they just collect evidence, patterns, photos and reports in the hope of some day catching the perp.

There are several troubling unanswered questions with respect to the AOC’s operations, their financial practices, their contracting practices and their construction and maintenance programs. Some of this is the subject of pending or impending litigation making it so no one can discuss these matters. Not only are those in power aware of this but if there is crime associated with this, if there are kickbacks happening, if there are bribes being paid for work being steered to certain entities at obscene costs, when the judicial council or anyone else does not demand answers from the AOC  then members of the judicial council are complicit in the impropriety or the crime.

Why would judicial council members take a hit on their reputation or take a hit on their credibility like that?

Criminal psychology 101 tells us this:

1. The Judicial Council and the AOC have no effective oversight or investigative mechanisms to look into impropriety or crime.

2. No one else except for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorneys Office, the postal inspector or the state legislature may look into or investigate possible impropriety. Yet as others have pointed out, if impropriety is found it is likely the records surrounding the impropriety will vanish.

3. Everyone across the entire judicial branch is now aware of the above two points. Many people that do business with the AOC are also now aware of the above two points. If there is impropriety in any of the AOC’s many programs, everyone involved in the programs are cognitively aware of the above two points because the AOC were the same idiots that changed a light bulb for anywhere between 300-2500.00 and gave the work to people when dozens of other people were aware that they were unqualified and/or had no contractors licenses. This is the same AOC that made 100+ adds to the CCMS contract. This is the same AOC that believes that TEN YEARS to develop an application is normal. This is the same AOC that has been lying to us since April about the completeness and deploy-ability of CCMS but now it isn’t only the AOC that is lying to everyone, it is a justice of the first district court of appeals that is lying to everyone about this applications’ fitness.

4. This behavior will continue its insidious permeation of the organization simply because just as there are no apparent consequences for robbing a bank as long as no one dies, there is no apparent consequences for robbing the taxpayers as long as no one dies. Best of all, there is no cop on the job. It’s now well established for example that:

  • You can embezzle money from the AOC and there are no consequences
  • You can accept kickbacks from vendors and there are no consequences
  • You can steer work to certain entities and there are no consequences
  • You can misappropriate public funds and there are no consequences
  • You can destroy records and there are no consequences
  • You can play that you have amnesia and you can’t remember anything about your job and there are no consequences
  • You can continue questionable contracting practices and there are no consequences.
  • Gross incompetence and unethical behavior is the fast track to AOC management.
  • It is okay not to disclose contracts before October 1, 2011
It makes one wonder if the only crimes of Montgomery and Mendez are guilty of was not to share the wealth….
It isn’t like it all isn’t happening just because the judicial council prefers to look the other way and pretend it’s not happening, or to accept a flawed, non-adjudicated opinion from the AOC that this is okay or permissible for the AOC, these things are all documented occurrences.
We hear that the judicial branch must be able to solve their own problems as a separate but equal branch of government and that legislative intervention is something that no one wants. Yet if some OCCM’er was caught on FBI tape accepting a bribe for $2,500.00 light bulbs, the legislature wouldn’t hesitate in moving the whole operation over to DGS while the AOC figures out a way to indemnify the perp.
So the solution is to simply deny it may be happening. To deny that the charges are legitimate charges. To deny that there is any impropriety in any transaction, establishing that corruption in the AOC is acceptable.
Not on our watch.
JCW has now been in operation for about a year. Each day, several hundred to several thousand unique users visit this site to get information on the version of the truth that the Judicial Council and the AOC are concealing from everyone. We see a paralyzing situation developing insofar as the judiciary can’t seem to help themselves. Can’t enforce laws. Can’t illuminate the opaque. Can’t account for hundreds of millions of dollars. Can’t do anything about any of this. Indeed, what we do see is the legislative analysts office taking it upon themselves to produce and release a study that suggests that more power, money and influence should be granted to the Judicial Council and the AOC despite their epic failures in governance which even the LAO almost purposefully ignores.
JCW came to a crossroads at the first of this month: To pump up the operation dramatically, to stay the course or to reduce our footprint to occasional posts when new important, researched information becomes available to us or to simply follow AOC Watcher and go to sleep.
Due to funding challenges, we’ve chosen to reduce our footprint. Nonetheless, we will continue to attempt to provide a public service for as long as ten billion dollars remains at stake, as long as employees are needlessy losing their jobs and as long as there is no transparency or accountability at the Judicial Council and the AOC.
We wish to thank you in advance for your continued support.