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Posted on October 8, 2011


We don’t agree that layoffs were necessary.

We also don’t agree that courts are responsible for this mess.

We do agree that virtually all Judicial Council members that voted for building their own new courthouses over keeping people employed were acting in their own self-interests and not on behalf of the public at large.

  • It defies logic that this group of people cannot see problems with the CCMS program and demand greater transparency and accountability.
  • It defies logic that this group of people cannot see problems with paying $1,900.10 per square foot for L.A.’s two courtroom mental health court.
  • It defies logic that they would not demand greater transparency and accountability at the AOC with respect to ALL existing contracts and contracting practices and order them published online.
  • It defies logic that this group has never publicly questioned the AOC about their obscene overpayments to unlicensed contractors and held anyone accountable.
  • It defies logic that an embezzlement of over 100K in public funds via time card fraud would go without prosecution.
  • It defies logic that this group doesn’t question values and priorities such as employing the institute of the future for 224K to tell them essentially what any senior engineer in AOC information services could tell them
Most of you that are losing or have lost your jobs have done so with one or more of the above being the reason you are losing your jobs. All of the above just serves to underscore who works for whom. As a Nevada County reporter properly called it, this is the AOC’s Judicial Council – puppets on a string.

So what can we do about it?

We can try to help you get a job.

Tell us what court you came from (court, AOC, etc) and provide us a resume. We will post your resume in our new Resume Link page. (to be created with the first resume sent to us)

We will need:

Your name
Your contact information
Where you are coming from (Court or AOC)
Your resume, preferably in an unmodifiable PDF format (google docs provides a free PDF making facility)

Note: We’re not an employment site – we will link to your resume at your request or you may link to it in a comment.