New page & free service: Court Reporters by County / Court

Posted on October 6, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher believes that court reporters serve an essential task in the courtroom of keeping the record, ensuring that what happens in a courtroom is both fair and credible. So we were taken aback when we got news that dozens of court reporters were being laid off across the state and that for the most part civil matters will now require that you BYOCR or bring your own court reporter. While we would first suggest that the legislature gut the AOC and restore court reporting as an essential function in every courtroom, that isn’t going to happen overnight.


Judicial Council Watcher has created a page labeled Court Reporters by County/Court and wishes to list court reporters that are available to litigants and their attorneys to keep the record, be they in trial or in depositons. Our first preference is to list individual court reporters that as of recent events, no longer work for the courts. We would prefer these listings over established court reporting businesses. (added for clarification: We will list ALL court reporting freelancers and businesses throughout California that drop us a note)

If you are a court reporter and interested in participating in this free referral service so that you can reach out to the thousands of court professionals that read this blog daily, please take a look at our court reporters by county/court page and supply the information necessary for us to list you. There is no charge for this service and we are providing it as a public service both to the court reporting community and to legal professionals alike.

Please Note:

Customers will need your contact information to reach you. Please be sure to provide us all of the contact information where you can be reached for business, such as a phone number, an email address and if you have one, a web site. Without your permission to publish your contact information, we cannot post a referral because no one will be able to reach you.


Here is what I have thus far from courts using the private message window to notify JCW that people in their courts read this blog:

Contra Costa
San Mateo
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz
San Bernardino
San Diego

Added since last roll call:

San Francisco

If you are a court worker in any county not mentioned and you or someone you know reads judicialcouncilwatcher in the courts, kindly drop me a confidential note in my private message window




NOW is the time to help. HIRE a laid-off court reporter with court experience and when law firms need to BYOCR — Bring Your Own Reporter — you’ll have them ready. Advertise to your clients that you offer this service. It will help you and help them. New clients may come your way. The Bench and the Bar will be assured that the record is preserved and the rights of litigants are protected. Digital recording is not an option and it is unlawful to use digital recording except in limited civil and misdemeanor proceedings.

How CCRA is going to help:

(1) CCRA will renew any CCRA member’s membership for FREE if their renewal date comes due while they are laid off.

(2) CCRA will offer a FREE one-year membership to any nonmember who is currently laid off.

(3) CCRA suggests the following link to connect with lawyers to BYOCR:

Please contact the CCRA office for more details.

CCRA protects the united interests of the freelance and official field. We urge everyone to help!

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