AOC releases a partial list reflecting 988 employees…..

Posted on September 21, 2011


Image stolen from courthouse news. Was this the tee shirt image on the shirts being passed out at the CJA meeting?

Much to our surprise, Judge Kevin McCormick was presented with a list of AOC employees and their monthly earnings as well as a list of Apple One temps and their hourly earnings. What has been excluded from these lists are consultants who have contracts directly with the AOC and not through Apple One.

We wish to add those additional names (if you know them) of individuals paid by the AOC under consultant direct contracts that work for the AOC to help everyone out and keep the AOC honest, since it is these independent “forever” consultants that also happen to make the most money.

We’re not sure why they were excluded from this list as they work in the capacity of in-house consultants and not temp workers. What we do know is that this group of consultants that have been excluded from this list make more money than those paid via Apple One. This is where it is probably in the best interests of AOC employees to quietly disclose via our confidential and anonymous contact form (link) because in reality these people are the ones where process is being abused. Just give us the names and the department they work for and we will add these consultants to this post. We will let others verify how much and under what terms these individuals perform work for the AOC.

And now the rest of the story from Courthouse News.

*Note: Internal phone directories might also aid us in determining the accuracy of these lists.

Replies to our confidential contact form:

  • “The list is missing retiree double dippers that work for the AOC”
  • “Kackie Cohen, Information Services – a long term in house consultant”
  • “Kathleen Clancy KC/Futureplanning. Information Services – a long term in house consultant”
  • “Fred Stetson, the former senior manager of the facilities management unit is now a facilities management consultant serving guess who?”