San Joaquin Courts = Chopped Liver ? Fridays JC Meeting

Posted on September 6, 2011


Good Morning California,

This Friday, the Judicial Council is holding a meeting currently consisting of only two agenda items. Item one relates to providing more economic aid to San Francisco courts and item two has to do with the AOC hiring two consulting firms to bless their processes. One consulting firm report will address the quality of the code itself and the second consulting firm will address the SCAMPI development process and report on vendor compliance.

Both of the latter self-serving reports will likely skip completely over most of the most serious issues with the system design and architecture.

In a move that surprised us, at least one agenda item is missing. Where is the offer made to rescue the San Joaquin courts we were previously hearing about?

Please don’t forget that if you wish to speak at the meeting, the censors will need your commentary by the close of business tomorrow. If you wish to provide written comments to the Judicial Council, even if you’ve already previously written them, keep on pounding away. Be sure to point out how these conflicted appointees voted for courthouses for themselves over keeping the courts open and be sure to inquire how the JC can vote on a one year pause that the AOC intends to ignore.

We understand that either request can be processed at