13 Days – Take your silver spoon and dig your grave…

Posted on September 3, 2011


Good Morning California,

There are a wide variety of reasons that the press and major media haven’t been able to cover the stories like they would wish to. Most of that coverage is related to the message those on the inside wish to convey as and less of messages that we would wish to convey, backed by empirical proof behind our suspicions and a large collection of accompanying circumstantial evidence. Such is the case with the rules of court regarding the release of information to both the public and to media outlets. In most cases, the information is there inside the AOC yet due to the resultant political damage that various releases would inevitably cause, the information is not forthcoming.

For these releases of information, media, the public and even judges are being directed to pubinfo. Those requests for information are run through the AOC’s office of general counsel to determine if they wish to honor the request, scare you off with an astronomical price tag for something that should be available at their fingertips, give you a small piece and close the request as complete or deny you that information altogether.

The problem extends well beyond the walls of the AOC as the AOC has connections throughout California’s government, such as in the State Attorney Generals office that employs former AOC attorneys and even the State Controllers Office that cuts the paychecks to AOC workers, to the State Department of Finance, from whom they recruited their newest finance director, to the California Emergency Management Agency that granted AOC’s second tier request for stimulus funds for security projects, thereby absolving themselves of accountability because they weren’t a first tier recipient.

In many cases, information that should be available from other sources is also not made available from those other sources, almost as if you had been dealing with the AOC all along. Many of our legislators are attorneys and know that they might have to some day practice law in this system or perhaps they themselves are looking for a future judicial appointment… or at least to keep their options open. Many of these legislator attorneys also accept large donations from other attorneys to influence legislation. While a strict code of ethics governs sitting judges, no such strict code of ethics exists for retired judges, yet we don’t hear them speaking out, directly addressing the issues of the Judicial Council and the AOC like only they could, for it seems to us that they alone can say for sitting judges what a majority of judges believe.

In short, the networking prowess of the AOC of having so many well-connected people on board and a faux news organization that is a propaganda machine and an office of general counsel that controls all of the information  all working in apparent support of their centralization goals makes any effort to expose the issues very difficult, very expensive and very time-consuming. They tell us that centralization is not the goal yet everything they undertake is towards a centralized control model. In speaking to people on the inside of the AOC, the political influence of the Los Angeles courts is the only thing the AOC genuinely fears with one unnamed AOC insider characterizing L.A. courts as “the AOC’s potential killer bee swarm” while the ACJ, CJA and all other courts were characterized as “irritating gnats that can be swatted away.”

In all of this time while trial courts have suffered, one consistent message emerges about how the AOC has changed their way of doing business over the last couple of years with the pressures being brought to bear upon them.

That consistent message is that nothing has changed that anyone from the inside has observed.

With all of these political challenges of having to deal with a judicial branch entity that’s in essence, accountable to no one, an administrative agency that has the power to dismiss its governing council’s call for a pause by bamboozling them into fully funding a host of special projects, then granting the administrative director the power to override their governance it makes you wonder why we have a judicial council at all when the tail continues to wag the dog.

All along our gold dust woman continues to take her silver spoon and dig her political grave.

Will it ever change?


Bill Girdner & Courthouse News: Judge Bangs on Bureaucrats’ Door