14 days – Taking away both the sword and the purse.

Posted on September 2, 2011


Good Afternoon California,

We were reminded recently of an entry in the federalist papers.  In Federalist 78, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the judiciary would be the “least dangerous” branch of government because it possesses the power of neither sword nor purse.

Needless to state, that required some reflection because we’ve given the Judicial Council, the AOC and the CJP both the sword and the purse and for 15 years they have stifled dissent and led us to these unprecedented court closures and layoffs.

Should we separate the sword from the Judicial Council and its membership? Should we remove the purse from the hands of the JC and AOC and encourage direct legislative appropriation?

We’re willing to argue that Alexander Hamilton got it right and now California’s other two branches of government need to see it for what it is – and get it righted.