17 Days – The 87/13 proposal – Tell us what you think…

Posted on August 30, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher was the recipient of the following legislative suggestion as a supplemental proposal to AB1208 going in to the next fiscal year. The 87/13 proposal would re-allocate the lower pie chart plus protect the trial courts from having those funds clawed back without their buy in.

Additionally, JCW was the recipient of another suggestion we would endorse – a $5.00 civil court surcharge on parking tickets that would go directly to fund the local courts. The reason we believe this to be attractive is twofold: The number of parking tickets generated in the courts’ jurisdiction that need the most funding (Like San Francisco and Los Angeles counties) and that there is no connection / adjudication of parking tickets in California courts. ( a conviction of a parking offense is not a conflict of interest with the courts adjudicating their own funding mechanism)

  • 87/13 is designed to decentralize certain activities of the AOC by legislation by targeting budget transfers by the AOC to the trial courts . Specifically
  • The trial courts would split 87% of the entire judicial branch budget
  • The Supreme Court would preserve its 1.2% split
  • The Appellate Courts would preserve their 5.5% of the split
  • The AOC would be reduced to 2% of the judicial branch budget. 1.8% of that budget would be pushed out to the trial courts.
  • The facilities program run by the AOC would be reduced to 3.8% of the Judicial Branch budget with 2% of that budget permanently shifting to the trial courts to provide local maintenance activity.
  • The Habeus Corpus Resource Center would preserve .4 % of the judicial branch budget.