18 Days – More reckless spending proposed by the facilities management unit of OCCM

Posted on August 29, 2011


15 FM-0034547 Imperial 13-A1 Imperial County Courthouse 2 Interior Finishes – replace doors and hardware for Dept 9 – fire/life/safety issue; door hardware is not functioning correctly and has to be locked from the outside with a key when the courtroom is not in use even when there are people working inside $16,000 No 100.00

16 FM-0034457 San Francisco 38-A1 Civic Center Courthouse 2 Fire Protection – Smoke Detectors, 400 Hundred, Cleaning Dust & Debris From Smoke Sensor Photo Head and Peak Value Clearing (Programming) $18,325 No 100.00 (peak value clearing amounts to resetting detectors – not programming but would you know that? Would the lady answering the phone in the call center know that?)

23 FM-0034469 Lake 17-B1 South Civic Center 2 Holding Cell – Install new toilet and sink combo – Per Title 24 Section 470A.3.1 all holding cells need to have a toilet in the cell – this cell has no toilet facilities available $25,000 No 100.00 (Turn it into a closet. They have a new courthouse under construction)

30 FM-0031628 Amador 03-C1 Begovich Building 2 Security – Replace (1) Exterior Security Door -Non Operational poses security risk. Main Street Entrance Door $35,000 Scope AOC’s share: 100.00

192 FM-0005203 Alameda 01-B3 Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse 3 DDC System – Training needed for new system $6,257 Scope 100.00 (Note: This is training for the contractor/operator)

254 FM-0025776 Alameda 01-H1 Fremont Hall of Justice 3 Compressor on Chiller #1 – Verify Meg Ohm Reading $10,300 No 79.40 (um, this is one with a meter an about 15 minutes of time)

These are just a few questionable charges off a large list of facilities modifications submitted by the facilities management unit. One theme that seems common and very, very expensive is emergency lighting battery packs. They don’t cost much – unless the AOC’s contractors replace the batteries. Then they seem to climb to a cost more than the emergency lighting itself.

These are all ‘easy money’ jobs for the maintenance companies where little is required, yet on each individual job they make really big money on them.

Like we did last Friday, we would urge all courts to get separate estimates for these and all other jobs on this list.