23 days – JCW’s Governance Change Meeting of interested parties

Posted on August 24, 2011


A few posts ago we tossed out a post to gauge interest in a possible meeting to discuss in person the issues that affect the judicial branch and tentatively scheduled that meeting for today. Admittedly, we didn’t promote the concept of meeting really well and gathered a small handful of individuals that would have been interested in meeting today. There were only a few RSVP’s which surprised us given that there are a projected two hundred layoffs that we know of in the Bay Area.



Due to a lack of promotion on our part and interests expressed by others, we’ve notified those few RSVP’s that we intend on rescheduling. We had suggested about a week from now but this still does not leave enough time for promoting this gathering daily over the course of a few weeks. The reason we desire an RSVP is that we need to plan for the number of people that will show up. In an effort to better promote this gathering and garner further interest and participation, we wish to reset the meeting until the middle of September to allow the word to circulate. We already have 5 RSVP’s of interested parties. If there are to be more interested parties that wish to RSVP for a mid-September gathering (Like…September 14th, 7:30 PM)  we wish to hear from you.

If you have a meeting facility available in the central bay area near bart available to anywhere from 20 to 200 people you can volunteer, we also wish to hear from you as it would save us time and resources securing a facility.

Participants in this meeting will be the only individuals who will be accessing an invitation only organizing site not visible to the public and can also play a significant part in our organizing and communications plans. These details will be divulged at the meetings only. We intend this meeting to be the first of several throughout California.  It has been decided for us that JCW will be eventually broken up into a PAC and an institute modeled after another well known progressive advocacy site. Since the problems aren’t going away, we’re looking on growing and evolving to meet the challenge.

Attorneys, judges and retired judges, employees, former employees, leaders of other reform groups, unions, and representatives from other associations and alliances and retirees alike are all welcome but be forewarned that we’re meeting to discuss the issues of effecting high level reform, saving the judicial branch from itself and saving access to the justice system as no other agenda items can be addressed without a solid foundation to work with.

That solid foundation exists in the trial courts, not in the Judicial Council and the AOC.

If you are available for a September 14th/7:30 PM meeting to discuss the challenges, please RSVP at JudicialCouncilWatcher@hushmail.com on behalf of yourself and any guests you may bring.

Thanks from the team at JCW