Day 32 – Gauging Interest for a strategy meeting & Judicial Council Watcher Radio

Posted on August 15, 2011


Good day California. It is day 32 leading up to courtmageddon. Courtmageddon is the loss of hundreds of court jobs and the dismantling of California’s civil justice system at the hands of the Judicial Council and the AOC.  Last week our chief justice met with Northern California bar leaders and apparently came up with nothing as a moving forward resolution. We’re going to guess that the Northern California bar is a little closer to Judicial Council and AOC’s actions than the SoCal bar so an education is in order for those SoCal lawyers. Go forth ye hoards of concerned citizens and educate them.

One of the craziest ideas we heard floated was filing suit to protect judicial branch funding. Of course, our reply would be similar to that of the legislature: Protect court funding from whom? An underlying premise of the American justice system is that one should make a reasonable effort to mitigate their damages. With this in mind we have to ask a logical question: When the judicial council was presented with an option to divert more construction funds to support the trial courts, did the  judicial council make even a reasonable effort to mitigate damages to the trial courts? If the JC did anything with respect to the damages caused by alleged unsustainable under funding, it was to enhance those damages by not diverting more construction funds to trial court operations when they had the opportunity.  So when we hear the possibility of litigation, we have to believe that the litigation in question would be against those who failed to act to mitigate their damages and those who underfunded trial courts.

That wasn’t the legislature boys and girls.

Three parties have now suggested that a in-person strategy meeting regarding requesting a fully audited accounting of the monies spent by the AOC  be scheduled for this Thursday, next Wednesday 8/24 in Oakland, California somewhere off of Broadway. BART runs under Broadway in downtown Oakland. We’re a little challenged by the short notice that we received yesterday but if there is interest, we will endeavor to find that location space and call that meeting. Given the legislature is in session for only 4 more weeks, we agree that sooner is better than later. Please RSVP by email( ) if you can make a Thursday, 8/18/2011 Wednesday 8/24 meeting @ 7:30 PM-9:30 PM. If the meeting needs more notice, please chime in and suggest another date and time. We will need the RSVP for space planning and to send out invites.

Judicial Council Watcher is announcing the launch of a pilot of Watcher Radio – a  series of streaming internet (possibly call-in if you prefer) talk shows discussing the challenges facing California’s judicial branch today. Our angel donors and producers paying for Watcher Radio intend on producing and broadcasting up to 7 shows each week in the 8PM to 10PM time slot, with archives of the radio show being available on line at any time.

While Judicial Council Watcher will take the Wednesday and Sunday night time slots, all other time slots will be made available to cover other judicial branch issues by other parties. If you’ve ever aspired to have your own weekly talk show on internet radio and you believe that you can make the pilot commitment and come up with 16 weeks of your own programming, we want to hear from you. We’re most interested in groups reserving a day of the week for their own talk show programming.  We intend to launch on Monday, September 5th with your radio show. Our radio show will first be heard on September 7th, 2011.

Examples for other ideas for other radio shows are:

From the Bench – a weekly radio show of x judges group heard on Monday

Family Law Matters – a weekly radio show of family court advocates heard on Tuesday

AOC Watcher – a show produced by friends of AOC Watcher heard on Thursday

Spare Me the AOC – a show produced by court workers on Friday

Access to Justice  – a show produced by a not for profit or law firm heard on Saturday

The above are just examples of the kind of material we wish to cover and we’re open to other ideas. We’ll even give pravda a platform if they cover their own production costs. If we only broadcast Watcher Radio on Wednesday and Sunday without involving other groups, we will have achieved our objective. Our angel donors and producers are looking to eventually share actual production costs with others (like those who operate their own radio shows) after the 16 week pilot. We anticipate this to be a minimal cost.

If you are interested in participating in Watcher Radio, please drop us an email at