36 days – Rosenberg’s Rules of Order (and common sense)

Posted on August 11, 2011


You just don’t know if it was the press release or journalistic liberties and it usually isn’t worth the energy to clarify it – especially when it causes a hearty laugh.

This morning, JCW was a recipient of an article that was titled “Yolo Judge to bring order to State Courts“.

Without reading any further, we couldn’t help but bust out laughing. I guess it’s the perspective. Again, without reading on images were conjured on how this was to be achieved. “Miracles DO happen” “Did Judge Fall go on the offensive?” “Yeah, Right, I’ll believe it when I see it” “Someone is finally tackling the AOC problem?” were all a collection of verbal responses to the title read aloud to others. Everyone laughed first.

The article goes on to explain how Judge David Rosenberg has been appointed to a committee and how he had previously developed a set of common sense rules of parlamentary procedure called Rosenberg’s Rules of Order. Now he was being tasked to a committee that will likely dissect these common sense rules adopted by many public entities and bastardize them into a judicial branch version that still requires your comments be submitted ten days in advance for approval by the Executive and Planning Committee and still requires a public comment session before the JC meeting starts. After all we can’t be having anyone state the obvious in the rarified air of judicial council meetings.

Yolo Superior Court announced Tuesday that Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye
appointed Presiding Judge David Rosenberg to a new working group to develop
rules of parliamentary procedure for Judicial Council meetings.

Justice Harry Hull will chair the working group which reports to the Judicial
Council’s Rules and Projects Committee

Skip the freaking useless committees and adopt the procedures already as they stand for all judicial council meetings and committee meetings.

Here is a link to Rosenberg’s Rules of Order

What do you think?