48 Days: Two words – Boondoggle, Fiasco

Posted on July 30, 2011


JCW has learned a little more about an AOC Watcher story about layoffs in the Alameda county court system. The only individuals targeted in Alameda county for layoffs were court reporters. Twenty one court reporters and two supervisors were given layoff notices by the Alameda county courts.

While court executive management does not wish it to be public knowledge that these were the only jobs targeted, our reliable contacts in the Alameda courts tell us that after layoffs, this leaves no court reporters in the Fremont Hall of Justice and only one court reporter in the Pleasanton Courthouse.

Worse, Alameda courts are alleged to not be anywhere near the same dire financial straits of other courts around the state so rank and file workers are wondering why any layoff notices went out at all, claiming that they are unnecessary, yet are happening anyways.