48 Days: The AOC announces a Voluntary Separation Incentive Program

Posted on July 30, 2011


I suppose that if you are at the retirement threshold at the AOC, this plan might make some sense to encourage you to retire. However, if you are not eligible to retire and you don’t already have a job lined up, accepting the AOC’s voluntary separation incentive program is no deal at all! While you would be able to obtain generous unemployment benefits in the current economic climate if you were laid off, if you voluntarily separate from service to the AOC you won’t qualify for unemployment benefits. 

Of interest is that those voluntarily separating from AOC’s service must waive all future claims against the AOC, which we’re betting has a non-disclosure provision attached to it. Also, AOC directors, the mismanagers of the agency are ineligible for this voluntary separation. This plan appears to be most focused at low wage rank and file workers (those that actually have a work product) or those that are on the cusp of considering retirement and just need a subtle little push to encourage them.  

As we’ve mentioned before the management ratio is about to get a whole lot narrower with each of the 200+ managers having less workers to manage. $20,000.00 before taxes does not go very far.