50 Days – Take Action. Sign an online petition.

Posted on July 28, 2011


Included herein are five online petitions composed by the people at Judicial Council Watcher.

Please note that we have been informed of a flaw in the PetitionVoice online petition.

The security code that you enter takes TWO authentications often rejecting the first code. Be sure you actually signed the petition by looking for your name at the bottom of the petition.

Petition Number One: Democratize the Judicial Council

Petition Number Two: Pass Assembly Bill 1208

Petition Number Three: Dismantle the Office of Court Construction & Management and move all buildings and construction over to the Department of General Services.

Petition Number Four: End Funding for the California Case Management System

Petition Number Five: Request a federal probe and JLAC audit of the Administrative Office of the Courts maintenance and construction activities

Please Note: All of our onsite surveys here at Judicial Council Watcher tend to have embarrassing results with hundreds of reads and only a few votes. These petitions are not actual legislation. They are a request/demand for change. We would hope that appropriate legislation follows them. After today, these links will additionally be found on the citizen action campaign page (www.avxm.com)