51 days: UC Law Professor Goodwin Liu nominated to Ca. Supreme Court

Posted on July 27, 2011


UC Berkeley Law Professor Goodwin Liu

Goodwin Liu is a 40 year old law professor at U.C.  Berkeley‘s Boalt Hall. A recognized expert on constitutional law, Liu was nominated by Governor Jerry Brown to succeed Carlos Moreno as California’s newest Supreme Court justice.

Liu’s nomination to the California Supreme Court comes two months after a nomination to the 9th district court of appeals in San Francisco was scuttled by a Senate filibuster over his second nomination to the appeals court in two years.

A former chairman of the left-leaning American Constitutional Society and an outspoken critic of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Liu is a widely published writer on legal issues, a former Rhodes Scholar and a U.S. Supreme Court clerk. While Liu has gained endorsements from both the left and the right in his appellate bid, California’s Republican leadership has criticized Governor Brown’s choice as ‘predictable’.

Liu’s appointment and his well researched academic background will add both balance and diversity to an otherwise right leaning California Supreme Court. While he has no experience in the role of a judge or a justice, he’s been a law professor at Boalt Hall since 2003.  Given the American Bar Associations highest qualification rating in his appellate bid, it is anticipated that Liu will sail past the state bar committee as well as the commission on judicial appointments to become California’s newest Supreme Court Justice. Judicial Council Watcher commends Governor Jerry Brown on his choice of a well educated, well written outsider as California’s newest Supreme Court Justice.

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