You can’t make this stuff up…Overholt?

Posted on July 25, 2011


Like we’ve said before to keep this whole scheme from flying apart, the JC/AOC needs to enlist people with questionable backgrounds (like Ernesto Fuentes) or they need to close ranks, move people around within that little circle of power and ensure that no honest, ethical person makes their way into the inner sanctum.

So in that spirit of maintaining control of the message and the people, Ron “Tonto” Overholt, he who bailed Alameda county after managing a computer boondoggle over there now takes the lead on the CCMS boondoggle as the interim executive director of the AOC.

NOTE: Most positions considered “interim” at the AOC stay that way for less than 90 days before becoming permanent. If you want to protest, protest now and protest vigorously.

Just when you believed that management of the AOC couldn’t get any worse  –  it did exactly that.  The AOC’s newest leader is a narcissistic liar that couldn’t tell even a version of the truth.

(Yes, you can hurl now.)


AOC Watcher has a Belva Davis / Katherine Feinstein interview in addition to a couple of good threads about the real impacts to San Francisco, San Joaquin & Napa Courts as a result of the Judicial Council’s misplaced priorities.

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