Welcome back the original. Welcome back AOC Watcher!

Posted on July 23, 2011


Program Note: www.avxm.com is the shortcut to our citizen action campaign www.judicialcouncilwatcher.com goes to our home page.


The only reason we started this blog is because “Life” happened to AOC Watcher. The public service commenced by the original AOC Watcher we believed was essential as the only form of checks, balances and oversight over a reckless, out of control bureaucracy. With any luck, AOC Watcher and Judicial Council Watcher will be able to combine resources and share information for the benefit of all Californians.

Go say hi to the original. The one and only. AOC Watcher.

*Note: Judicial Council Watcher was designed from the onset to be a high bandwidth, high maintenance, media rich social networking experience produced in association with media, news & entertainment companies.  Judicial Council Watcher is an unfriendly place for dial-up internet users. If you don’t have a fast connection to the internet or you just want to read a really good writer, then we encourage you to visit and participate in AOC Watcher.  If you have a fast connection to the internet then by all means, patronize both efforts. While our scope is a bit wider than AOC Watcher our objectives regarding the Judicial Council and the AOC are nearly identical.