The Chief Justice is failing the justice system & taxpayers

Posted on July 21, 2011


Today is man-up day for this states’ judicial officers. Either they will have agreed on some alternative plan to impose upon the AOC over the non-starter plans presented by the AOC or they face decimation and the dismantling of justice at the hands of the AOC. That my friends is reality and no amount of lipstick on this pig will make it look any better.

While the ostensibe ‘leadership’ (maybe we should just be referring to them as The Borg Collective since it’s a more accurate representation of behavior) continues to promote vaporware crapplets, platinum priced lightbulbs and construction contracting fraud as their collective organizational mission, I am happy to report that Judicial Council Watcher is not the only outlet screaming for reforms.

Today, JCW received a link to today’s flash report, a stunning editorial that splits the arrow in the center of the bullsye. Our chief justice owns this mess and no amount of committees that she appoints will change those facts. Yesterday it was an article on the DailyKos that suggested that if we permit this to happen here in California, short of armed insurrection we will have lost our justice system in California.

Either position is difficult to disagree with.

If you are a judicial officer that has not backed an alternative plan to the wholesale dismantling of your courts over the next two years, please consider adopting the Alliance of California Judges platform on behalf of the people you represent. To do anything less is an intolerable injustice to all of the people of California.