A tribute to the AOC Facilities Management Unit

Posted on July 21, 2011


For those not familiar with the AOC Facilities Management Unit’s building maintenance process, we’re making an endeavor to explain to you what Ron Overholt was talking about. As you recall Ron Overholt explaining, when you see a three hundred dollar light bulb on a service work order – or $2500.00 for an energy efficiency upgrade on a light fixture, there’s more involved than just the line item description. 

As you might recall from the KCRA news report, a meeting recorded by AOC whistleblower Uzoma Okoro caught FMU Senior Manager Jerry Pfab explaining how maintenance managers should be bundling together jobs in the same area. From what Judicial Council Watcher knows about how the Service Work Order process works, we managed to put all of this information together and search for the ideal visualization tool of an AOC paint job and why it costs so much.

Transparent, accountable and committee approved…