Rumor: Revolt in the CJA Fact: Calderon demands a statewide investigation into spending at AOC

Posted on July 20, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher is receiving information that members of the California Judges Association are demanding a special telephonic meeting of the board be convened before this Friday’s Judicial Council Meeting. They want the CJA to take the position that the cuts to the AOC are too small and the cuts to the trial courts are too great. It is alleged that current CJA President Keith Davis refuses to do any such thing and that members and other directors are looking for a way to make that happen without Mr. Davis’s consent. Update: It is alleged that Keith Davis has called for a meeting, yet it remains to be clarified as to if it’s a board or the executive committee. (See new Courthouse News Article – click here) 

Additionally, if one looks at the tea leaf, statements of current judicial council members regarding implementing cuts in their own courts budgets – they are not fully announced whereas others are. Again, reading into tea leaf, Judicial Council members are saying that they are waiting until after the judicial council meeting on Friday to know what the cuts are going to be before they implement them. Other information suggests Judge Herman’s committee will vigorously argue for full funding of CCMS and greater cuts to the trial courts.

Finally, KCRA Channel 3 ran a follow-up story to the AOC construction whistleblower last night and it has just been posted.

Calderon is demanding a statewide investigation into spending at the AOC.


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