SFCourts not a wholesale franchise of the AOC?

Posted on July 19, 2011


“I include myself in the growing list of judges that is very frustrated with the Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts”

Thank You Judge Feinstein.

When we see court cases of public interest (like a certain taxpayer lawsuit)  grind to an abrupt halt based on a demurrer (Which is the legal equivalent of “So What?”) and we hear statements like “discovery would not be permitted” and “You have to trust that the AOC and (the  former AOC attorney at) the Attorney General’s office are doing the right thing” being told to a litigant by his attorneys as a reason that a taxpayer lawsuit will not be permitted to move forward, we’re left questioning the impartiality of the courts making those decisions. Are they out to protect the AOC?

Recent developments (surrounding the budget) and the Judicial Council’s demonstrated lack of willingness to keep ALL trial courts fully staffed by cutting back on their own programs is unconscionable.

San Francisco did get themselves into a financial pickle by diving into reserves and some questionable spending. In San Francisco’s defense, the AOC and the Judicial Council was telling courts it was unnecessary to lay people off. They told courts to dive into their reserves to avoid layoffs and to pay the bills. This was the “leadership advice” that they followed, this is the “leadership advice” that the Judicial Council gave everyone. This is the “leadership advice” that is leading to 200 people losing their jobs across the street from the AOC.

So last night when we viewed this video from Katherine Feinstein, we’re left wondering: Are the San Francisco courts no longer a wholesale franchise of the AOC?

Katherine Feinstein criticizes the poor management and misplaced priorities of the Judicial Council and the AOC while lamenting cuts that do anything but permit access to justice in San Francisco. KGO-TV Channel 7, ABC News last night. San Francisco courts make drastic cuts.

Question: What action are you personally willing to undertake today to motivate public outrage against the Judicial Council and AOC’s misplaced priorities?

How can we help?

A MSNBC piece about SF Courthouse layoffs.