Letters & Comments to the Judicial Council about budget cuts

Posted on July 19, 2011


In this thread, we’re going to post and link any letter to the Judicial Council that you’re aware of or are  submitting as comments to judicialcouncil@jud.ca.gov before the Judicial Council meeting. To send us a copy of the letter you sent to the Judicial Council, please mail it with a subject of “JC Letters” we will then upload it and link it in a post. If you have sent them just an email comment and want us to publish it, please put JC email in the subject line. Of course, you’re welcome to post in the thread as well.

Whereas it should be obvious that your letter will be distributed (and likely not even read) before the judicial council meeting, we want to give you our readers a forum to publish those letters on the internet for everyone else in the judicial branch and the legislature to read – well before it’s stuffed away in a judicial council binder and forgotten

Who is first?

Forward those letters to judicialcouncilwatcher@gmail.com


Letters to the Judicial Council,  July 22nd 2011 meeting.

July 12, 2011

 The Honorable Tani Cantil-Sakauye

Chief Justice of California

455 Golden Gate AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye:
 It’s great news hearing of your appointment as Chief Justice in my home state of California.  A woman and a minority nonetheless in charge of a branch of our government is remarkable.  I am a clerk of the San Francisco Superior Court, a citizen, and one of the many individuals concerned about justice in our home state.  At this time of fiscal emergency and uncertainty, it’s disheartening to see, read and hear all of the negative impacts the cuts – particularly to the Trial Courts are making.  The trickle down effect comes right back to the remaining taxpayers of California who, like many of us, continue to live in fear that our fundamental and constitutional rights and safety are compromised.
 Now, I simply ask you to listen and understand for yourself what employees of the Trial Courts already know.  Access to justice at its current level here in San Francisco is greatly limited and now diminishing.  As is the rule with several other counties, limited service days and court closures are local level remedies.  These measures, however, cannot be sustained.  With a growing number if litigants and filings, cutting service even more becomes unimaginable.  Striving to bring back and fill the prior year reductions to the trial courts must now happen with and without legislature approval.  We all look to your sound decision as Chief Justice and head of the Judicial Council to allocate what we already have in funding and direct those to the severely crippled Trial Courts.  Projects on infrastructure are undeniably important; however it is a disservice to the public if they get higher priority in execution.  The branch is entering a more modern era with new innovations in technology moving at a rapid pace.  New doesn’t necessarily mean “buy now.”
Long term goals such as branch delivery should come back to the table and everything to accomplish this must occur.  If we still want to export our system of democracy to other countries, we cannot fail in serving the public.  Weathering any negative economic cycle means persevering and easing into the inevitable upturn.  This branch actually plays a critical role to this upturn not by closing doors, but by delivering excellent service which the public is entitled.


Michael Bareng, Deputy Clerk

S. F. Superior Court

The purpose of the San Francisco Superior Court is to ensure equal access, fair treatment and the just and efficient resolution of disputes for all people asserting their rights under the law.

Michael P. Bareng
Superior Court of California,
County of San Francisco
Comprehensive Collections Unit
850 Bryant Street, Rm. 101
San Francisco, CA 94103
T | 415-551-8572
F | 415-734-3264
E | mbareng@sftc.org





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