Breaking News – Another construction whistleblower!

Posted on July 18, 2011


This is a Breaking News Story. If you are in the Sacramento Area, you want to be tuning into KCRA Channel 3 News at 10PM and 11PM. Here is a taste of what you’ll find….

And the rest of the story….


Uzoma Okoro (Spelling is challenging – and corrected here and for our other posters) was a Sacramento based facilities management administrator for the Office of Court Construction & Management’s Facilities Management Unit. This is the same AOC outfit that employed unlicensed contractors statewide from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. This is the same outfit that on December 9th 2009 had a unit-wide conference call in which they were instructed by Jerry Pfab and other FM managers to not use the name “Team Jacobs” anymore. “Just call them Jacobs.”

Many understand that the AOC does not get enough money from the counties to actually maintain court buildings and that the money needs to be supplemented  to get the work done. However the FMU’s way of getting that work done has always been questionable and expensive. Bundling projects together to hide those costs does not help their case. If anything it makes the case against them more condemning.

Given the opportunity, JCW will be more than happy to publish ALL of Mr. Okoro’s information (including audio recordings of meetings and any and all documents) here on JCW.

If you can supplement that information or you know more about the information surrounding Mr. Okoro’s termination, we want to hear from you. Please avail yourself of our private message window to tell us what you know.

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