Remember that exercise in futility? Hold your shorts.

Posted on July 15, 2011


There’s some scuttle going around. Prepare to sharpen your pitchforks and I would suggest dragging yourself and every news camera across the state to the next judicial council meeting.

Screw decorum, it is time to be heard and end this bad romance.

You probably remember that utterly unqualified cocktail waitress/blackjack dealer that was appointed by the love child making womanizer, currently being divorced that was letting his little head think for his big one?

Anyways, the scuttle goes that she’s really bent about our state of the judiciary speech so she wants to make it a reality. You probably remember our good friend that is promoting the DonCo Suckcess kits?

The scuttle has it that he has convinced his CCMS committee that CCMS should take precedence over keeping the trial courts open and that the B-Day exercise in futility is about to become reality in the next Judicial Council meeting.

In essence, Mr. Minion is alleged to be promoting the AOC finance department’s recommendation over that of the trial court budget working group at the behest of you know who. 

Peanuts? Popcorn? Candy anyone? Not only are they munchies for the good theater of watching the keystone cops of governance, consider it a fund raising drive for the trial courts.