Welcome to B-Day – An exercise in futility

Posted on July 13, 2011


By any measure we’ve demonstrated how some 180+ million could be sucked out of the AOC’s operations to preserve access to justice. We anticipate two arguments being presented as to why that will not happen. One argument will be “We’re not going to make any deeper AOC cuts because the Strategic Evaluation Committee hasn’t completed their work.” and the second argument will be “The CCMS Executive Committee has not recommended or authorized any diversion of CCMS funds to the trial courts” While both of these statements are true, let’s not forget that these two committees were formed to provide the AOC some cover duing these long anticipated budget negotiations. To top it all off with teflon-based icing, the trial court budget working group is presented “options” produced by Vickrey and the finance department. No matter what is accomplished today, no matter how much work or homework was completed by the stakeholders to push these cuts against the AOC’s operations, no matter how solid of an argument is made by the TCBWG that is stacked with Nash, Hansen & Patel to guide you to what you need to be choosing to preserve the status quo. At the end of the day the work that this committee does we anticipate to be utterly derailed with the executive director choosing his own path to AOC preservation.

In short, this is a case where we would like to be wrong again and that this event doesn’t turn into simulated debate on the merits. But Mr. Vickrey needs to cover his ass as he leaves office. This is one of the reasons he is making retirees sign non-disclosure agreements that endure until just after he leaves office. Having any AOC layoffs whatsoever is absolutely not in the cards because loose lips sink ships. Furthermore, these recommendations might be made to Mr. Bill today but you can bet your sweet ass he will sit on his decision on what recommendation to make to the Judicial Council under deliberative process probably until the very day of the Judicial Council vote on these issues.

Did you sign up and submit your comments for pre-approval to E&P like a good little governed? What? You don’t know what to comment on or how to address the council without knowing what the outcome of today’s TCBWG meeting was? Tough luck baby. The AOC did this by design. While the JC was to have their meeting this Friday, they moved it back to next Friday to simulate deliberative process. The TCBWG will be thanked for their service and used as pawns to support Vickrey’s recommendations that will be nothing short of gutting the trial courts and access to justice, while preserving intact the entire AOC operation.

We tried to get someone in our JCW offices to bet lunch on it and got no takers. We then went to Yen Interactive & Shadow Mountain to bet them lunch on the outcome and got no takers. So now we’re offering that same bet for lunch to our readers. Any takers?