This is a heavy news day for budget cuts.

Posted on July 13, 2011


First we have our friends at ABC News & Judge Dan Goldstein saying it like it is about these budget cuts.

Then we have our other friends at Courthouse News on  L.A. Report on Court Bureaucracy Sets Stage for Battle of the Cuts in San Francisco HQ

Then we have even the CJA joining the fray with a letter to their members-

Dear Judicial Officers: 

CJA stands for this core proposition:  keep our courts open and staffed to their fullest potential even in dire budgetary times.  How this is achieved requires a commitment to fund trial courts in their efforts to carry out the needs of justice for our stakeholders. 

CJA Vice President Judge David M. Rubin (San Diego) is at the Budget Working Group meeting today in San Francisco and is actively working to share CJA’s position that keeping the courts open and funding at levels that continues to allow the public access to justice is paramount to any discussion about the future of the Branch in the face of massive budget cuts.  Judge Rubin stated at the meeting “CJA wants to support the Chief and her stated goal to keep the courts open full time.  The cuts that we are discussing at this unprecedented time are catastrophic, however, our basic functions must remain intact and court services to the public as high and unaffected as possible.  Any cuts to the public service part of the judicial branch must be as minimal as possible and administrative costs should bear the brunt of any proposed reductions — we can all agree that we do not want to see a part time Judiciary.”  

Thank you for your support of CJA and please know your association is working hard on behalf of every individual Judge, Justice, Commissioner and Referee — regardless of membership status — we are all in this together. 


The Executive Board

Then we have ANOTHER BOGUS APPOINTMENT of yet ANOTHER useless committee chaired by who? Pay particular attention to the part in bold.

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye yesterday announced the creation of a new Court Facilities Working Group, tasked with providing oversight of the statewide program that maintains, renovates, and rebuilds courthouses. The 25-member group headed by Justice Brad R. Hill, of the Fifth District Court of Appeal, is charged with responsibility for supervising the Administrative Office of the Courts in its management of 20 million square feet of court facilities statewide, as well as courthouse construction projects. It is also being asked to review policy issues, business practices, and budget monitoring and control and make recommendations as necessary to the Judicial Council.  Cantil-Sakauye remarked yesterday that “providing safe, secure, functional courthouses remains a critical priority that we must balance with other challenges” during “this era of severe budget constraints and shifting priorities.” She predicted that this new group “will provide comprehensive oversight to ensure that we make good decisions and maximize our limited resources in this crucial area.” Hill said the “state Legislature has swept $310 million this year from the judicial branch’s fund for immediate and critical needs of court construction and modification,” which requires the courts to “review the program’s priorities to make sure we can continue to make the most of the resources left to us.” The justice is a past member of the Judicial Council and chaired the California Facilities Transitional Task Force, which oversaw development of strategies for the transfer of more than 500 court facilities from county to state responsibility. More recently, he chaired a working group that oversaw development of policies for third-party use of court facilities.

Are you ready? Wait for it….. wait…… Yep, that is the SAME COMMITTEE that signed off on hiring the previously unlicensed contractors! Oh, we’re not done yet, this “winner’s” committee also endorsed the Facilities Contracting Policies & Procedures written in concert with who? Wait for it………. wait…….. got it yet? TEAM JACOBS.

Mr. Brad Hill is being hired to clean up the mess he made. Note the lack of “justice” here. Insanity still remains doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Maybe with a 310 million cut, Mr Hill was called in to re-divvy the looting. And who can forget that it was his turn at the presidential suite?

Sacramento Judges unknowingly join Judicial Council Watcher in saying Court Bureaucracy Should Be ‘Dismantled Forthwith’ in Courthouse News.

Seems to be a busy day today. We will update this post as more becomes available.