Trial Court Budget Working Group – Choose “None of the Above”

Posted on July 11, 2011


In a late released, free article from Cheryl Miller on we the governed have been blessed with the AOC finance department’s version of wishful thinking in budget cuts.  


While Cheryl thinks it to be a complex report, those familiar with AOC operations indicate this proposal preserves the AOC status quo. A projected 115 million dollars or $442,000.00 per day will continue to be diverted to the application that was accepted for delivery as complete. Right across the street at San Francisco Superior Court, 50% of San Francisco’s courtrooms are about to go dark and 40% of their staff is about to be laid off. I wonder how those staff feel about $442,000.00 per day being fed to a company hiring a bunch of H1B’s from india for 30-40 bucks an hour, while billing them out to the AOC at 200-300 per hour while they lose their jobs.

Do you think they have anything to be upset about?  

In this proposal, the AOC’s finance department laid out options crafted in such a manner that the AOC itself will remain virtually untouched, with an unconditional license to continue it’s wasteful expenditures. Throughout this website, you have seen specific recommendations that could cut AOC operations in such a manner as to better serve the trial courts, as opposed to resembling some government funded RICO hiding behind the robes and sullying the institution of the judiciary. I don’t know where this trial court budget working group is meeting. Heck, we can’t seem to even be able to get a list of all members. LATE BREAKING NEWS courtesy of Courthouse News: The TCBWG of ELECTED and other OFFICIALS.  Any of these members who could add some options to the considerations list for the TCBWG meeting Wednesday would be encouraged to create them and to widely distribute them before the meeting as OTHER OPTIONS. Otherwise our recommendation would be to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE with respect to the AOC presented options.

It does not bode well for the trial courts that Mr. Stephen Nash is the chairman of this committee and that it was his department, working in concert with Mr. Bill and Tonto that developed the wishful thinking in budget cuts proposal.

Remember that when he becomes CEO of San Bernardino and wants something from you….

“Just choose from our AOC created menu and forward our recommendation on to the Judicial Council. Oh that courthouse less than 200 feet away from the judicial council chambers where the lights are going out? That’s their problem. We as the AOC owe the City of San Francisco nothing. Heck, they’re lucky we choose to have our headquarters here.” 

Don’t forget- The executive & planning committee needs your comments delivered by tomorrow if you expect to have a voice in the upcoming judicial council meeting about this budget in 11 days.  

Late breaking information from Maria Dizneo of Courthouse News