AOC – Managers, Attorneys & Accountants by any other name….

Posted on July 11, 2011


Here’s the AOC’s position tallies by groups and Judicial Council Watcher’s recommendations

Attorneys Group (includes supervising & managing, asst. director & director) 78 – 8% of the workforce serves as AOC attorneys

Accountants Group (includes accountants, accounting techs, budget analysts, supervising & managing, asst director & director) 129 – 13% of the workforce is related to accounting.

Managers & Supervisors Group (managers by any other name and includes project managers, supervisors, directors and assistant directors) 197 – 20% of the workforce is management related and is the highest paid group.

Admins Group (Secretaries, admin coordinators, services analysts, clerks and support personnel for groups, admin supervisors by any other name) 205 – 21% of the workforce is management support related

Ratio of management to workers: 2.7 workers to 1 manager (management support personnel are excluded because they are an extension of their management) A healthy ratio of management to employees (excluding management support personnel) is 9 workers to 1 manager.

There is lots of room for improvement. 

A full half (50%) of the AOC mid-level management group should be eliminated/ laid off starting with assistant directors, then senior managers, then managers since it is the supervisors that manage employees and projects. Everyone above supervisor manages other managers. Approximate AOC savings: 30 million+ a year.

A full half (50%) of the accounting group could afford to disappear and better share the workload as it is alleged that many have little to no tasking It’s also alleged that they maintain siloed accounting codes because once upon a time an accountant discovered that a vendor was being paid twice over and over again being billed to two different accounting codes. We want to catch this kind of impropriety, not bury it and fire those who point it out.

2/3rds + of AOC’s bad advice/send it out legal department should be eliminated. Approximate AOC savings: 10 million + a year.

The remaining half of management should take a 10% pay cut as they are overpaid.

There’s an enduring belief that AOC personnel, some of the highest paid people in state government got raises last year to ensure they wouldn’t think of going anywhere else and spilling the beans on AOC’s operations. The raises were, in effect, buying silence. It is for similar reasons that there is an enduring belief that virtually no layoffs will occur in the heavily laden management group because loose lips sink ships. It would also be the same reason that Tonto would be chosen over better qualified, more respected outsider to replace Bill Vickrey.

A management ratio of 2.7 to 1 is however, inexcusable but this is how the 22 senior managers, 14 assistant directors and 15 directors manipulated themselves into 160+K salary ranges.