Elected officials responsible for the CCMS debacle

Posted on July 9, 2011


Who’s Responsible:

Elected Officials list

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye is the ostensible head of the branch.

Elected officials sitting on the CCMS Executive Committee

These are the people that can mothball, terminate or give lifeline support for further funding of CCMS according to their committee charter. They also can choose a different direction like local installation or direct current older versions of CCMS already deployed to be repaired before moving on and imposing havoc upon other courts. 

They also appear to have the oversight power to ask the Executive Director for CCMS to step down for lying to the public and accepting an application “as complete” that is riddled with over 800 coding bugs of varying severity, while asking the public to further fund this folly at a rate of $480,000.00 per day.

Justice Terence Bruniers – 1st District Court of Appeals

Judge Richard E. Albers – Santa Clara

Judge William A. MacLaughlin – Los Angeles

Judge Gary Orozco – Fresno

Judge Kenneth So – San Diego

Judge Ira Kaufman – Placer

Judge Robert James Moss – Orange County

Judge Allen Sumner – Sacramento

If these overseers have not resigned this committee or terminated the executive director of this program for lying to the public AND mothballed or provided only lifeline support by August 1, 2011 they will all be going into digital purgatory. Additionally, a campaign will be launched to recall them from office or to ensure that they are not re-elected.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

You all risk being tagged as enablers of government waste.