Rumors and Acronyms…

Posted on July 1, 2011


Let’s dispense with the Acronym issue first.


Our fearless leaders at JCW require a verifiable DOD/NSA/CSS background.

The end result? The use of acronyms is a disease for us around here with the assumption that you know what they mean. We’ve recently been asked to develop a cheat sheet for readers

Please remind us of our disease by utilizing our private message window and ask us to spell out acronyms as we’ve used them when you don’t understand their use.

(DOD=Department of Defense)(NSA=National Security Agency)(CSS=Central Security Service)


Rumors: Stephen Nash was first consideration for re-arranging Titanic’s deck chairs as future sidekick to Ron Overholt of the AOC. The AOC was outbid by San Bernardino and the criminals at the politburo are upset at his departure.

Rumors: Next in line for Executive Director of the AOC is that train wreck we know here as “Tonto”.

Having screwed a similar IT project in Alameda County prior to his departure to the AOC, he is alleged to be the perfect choice to carry the CCMS (California Case Management System) flag for the next 5 or so billion dollars. Even though we all believe Mr. Overholt should hit the road, the rumor is he will be promoted, placing the AOC further down the rabbit hole with regards to trust in branch leadership.

A clue for Tani – If they are located in the non-redeemable portion of digital purgatory, they need to resign or be fired. This includes Mr. Ron Overholt.