Analyze their own operations? That’s a long term committee thing.

Posted on June 30, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher continues to be amazed by what we don’t hear or see. In the latest press release by Lynn Holton what we don’t hear or see are those cuts that the AOC is willing to take it on the chin to protect trial court jobs and public access to justice.

Who cares if half of the San Francisco Court across the street is forced to shut down or if there remains a considerable amount of construction and CCMS funding that should be diverted to protect the judiciary from these cuts. They need to hire more high priced consultants to get around their hiring freeze!

Why might this be?

Because matters of the AOC and any associated cuts are the long term purview of the Strategic Evaluation Committee and the Accountability & Efficiency Committee and not the trial court budget working group.

While the AOC’s Ox was gored by the legislature, you will note it is a trial court working group that is meeting to distribute these cuts. Contrary what the following paragraph indicates from the press release,  it will be the Administrative Director and the Finance Director of the AOC that will originate the numbers and toss them to the Trial Court Budget Working Group right before the commencement of the July 13th meeting and get this group to legitimize these cuts without visiting the AOC’s operations. Objections or alternatives will not be considered. Bring your rubber stamp.

The Judicial Council’s Trial Court Budget Working Group is examining the impact of the new budget and will meet on July 13th to finalize a formal recommndation for allocation to the trial courts and forward them to the Administrative Director and the Judicial Council. In addition the six APJ’s of the Courts of Appeal will be reviewing options for implementing reductions in the Appellate courts…… the Judicial Council will meet on July 15th to review recommendations and make final decisions on the allocations.

Business as usual……