The Authors of the Los Angeles Report – updated

Posted on June 29, 2011


Judicial Council Watcher has been getting a series of messages about the authors of the Los Angeles report.  The messages we’ve been getting are consistent and contain more than the names listed at the bottom of the report.

Judicial Council Watcher has been encouraged by a very reliable source to publish the names of those who participated in this report.

The report was commissioned by Los Angeles Presiding Judge Lee Edmon

The report was composed by a committee that consisted of the following members:

  • Immediate (Past) President of the California Judges Association Judge Michael Vicencia
  • Former Los Angeles Presiding Judge Robert Dukes
  • Former Los Angeles Presiding Judge Charles McCoy
  • Former Los Angeles Presiding Judge and Strategic Evaluation Committee Member William MacLaughlin (is it true about the non-disclosure agreements?)
  • Current Judicial Council Member Judge Burt Pines
  • Judge Jacqueline Connor
  • Judge Carolyn Kuhl

In short the AOC can’t touch this and the credibility of this report is beyond reproach.

Now that we’ve provided names we’re sure that you will agree. We’re told that most of them have sat on the Judicial Council.