Eating our words – “We were so wrong on this”

Posted on June 29, 2011


You might have thought, like we did that the entire 310 million dollars taken out of the construction budget would be properly visited only upon the AOC. While most of us were sleeping however, the AOC asked for and was given the right to apportion the 310 million dollars in cuts upon the trial courts!

This sounds like business as usual for the AOC who will be moving to protect its entire workforce while more layoffs happen in the trial courts.

While most of us believed deconstruction of the AOC under this bill was inevitable, this is not the case. Every trial court, every judge, every court employee has something to additionally be angry about for while we expect all courts will have to resort to furloughs and layoffs, the AOC will be protecting it’s own workforce and continuing it’s unrestrained growth.

The AOC and the Judicial Council did a great disservice to the rest of the judicial branch last night for now they will target courtrooms just like they have in the past to send a message to Sacramento. Pathetic.


NOTE: We’re trying to verify the story we’re reading in courthouse news as it is not crystal clear what lobbying was done to re-apportion what cuts. If these cuts are not visited entirely upon OCCM then justice has been sold down the river by the AOC.

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