ACJ message on new budget cuts + survey results

Posted on June 28, 2011


While the ACJ (Alliance of California Judges) did not comment on the issue of 300 million in diverted construction funds (We assume because that entire amount will be visited upon the AOC’s office of court construction and management in its entirety and not the trial courts)  we were leaked the information that includes the comments from both the Los Angeles courts as well as the Sacramento courts.

Since Mary Roberts (general counsel of the AOC) refuses to release all of the other comments under the guise of “deliberative process” we urge all other courts to release their comments to the media. The fact of the matter is that without that material going to the media, these issues are soon to be buried and forgotten by an agency that is doing everything in its power to stifle dissent and cover their tracks.

Help the media help the trial courts.
ACJ message to members leaked to JCW:

The Alliance of California Judges has learned that the budget expected to be enacted this week will contain the additional $150 million cut as stated in the previously vetoed budget. This will likely be an unallocated reduction, and will be in addition to the unallocated reduction previously adopted in the amount of $200.0 million. This $150.0 million has been previously equated to closing the courts two days per month.

The Alliance will work to ensure that these cuts are not borne disproportionately upon the trial courts. Nevertheless, this news is very grim.

Also, the Los Angeles Superior Court and the Sacramento Superior Court have released to their respective courts copies of their reports made to the Chief Justice in response to her request for a survey of judicial opinion on branch governance. These reports endorse what the Alliance of California Judges has been saying throughout its short existence; branch governance is broken, and the solution is a re-balancing of authority between state and local administration. The Los Angeles Superior Court report refers to this as ‘coordinated decentralization.’ We have attached an article from today’s Metropolitan News dealing with these reports.

The Alliance of California judges endorses these thoughtful reports. We enclose copies for your review.

The Alliance wrote to ask the Chief Justice to release the entire survey results, but we have been advised by Mary Roberts, General Counsel for the Administrative Office of the Courts that the results are being withheld under the ‘deliberative process’ exception to disclosure rules.

Thank you for your continued support.


Alliance of California Judges


Sacramento Survey Results

Los Angeles Survey Results

Letter to the Chief