New budget cut is as predicted – a staggering 650 million

Posted on June 27, 2011


Today, the substantial gap between a balanced budget and wishful thinking gimmicks was closed in principle just as we believed it might be – with an additional 300 million dollars in budget cuts to the judicial branch by diverting 300 million dollars in construction funds.

How could this be? Well, think about what you did not hear.

You did not hear that the AOC was willing to abandon the spruce goose we call CCMS.

You did not hear that the AOC was willing to delay building empty courthouses that no one can afford to staff.

You did not hear that the AOC was willing to go after all 300 million paid to the unlicensed contractors.

You did not hear that the AOC was willing to have their court construction projects subject to public contract code.

So what you did hear was a strong rebuke from the other two branches of government who have no sympathy for the failed leadership that represents the Cantil-Sakauye administration in the form of a staggering 650 million dollars in budget cuts.

But you just go right along pretending all is well in your little world Chief Justice Mini-mimi because everyone else is paying the price of your denial.


Construction programs are to be delayed at least a year. That should be ample time to spin them off to DGS and start cleaning up this mess.

Tani, do you think it is time yet for some leadership?

Budget Deal Delivers Double Blow to Courts
Cheryl Miller
The Recorder
June 27, 2011

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats announced a new state budget deal today that contains a double dose of bad news for the judiciary.

The budget restores the $150 million reduction to the judicial branch that Brown vetoed earlier this month, according to legislative staffers who briefed reporters this afternoon. It also takes $300 million from the branch’s construction fund and will delay projects for one year.