Judicial Branch’s AOC Austerity Plan

Posted on June 23, 2011


Contained in this thread are specific actions that will save the branch money. This initial post will consist of ideas we received from AOC personnel, from our media associates and from JCW. Feel free to add to the list as you see fit.

1. Cease all further development on CCMS via Deloitte.  – Deloitte has been leading the AOC around by a nose ring for years now. It has been made abundantly clear that Deloitte isn’t out to develop this application. Deloitte is out to cost the judicial branch money. For their part, the judicial branch will do anything necessary (without any boundaries) to save face and prove everyone wrong no matter what it may cost.

Estimated savings – billions and therefore not factored into our bottom line savings.

2. The 30 jobs being quietly recruited for regarding CCMS deployment services should be terminated. Approximate savings: 5 million a year.

3. The wholesale elimination of the Emergency Response & Security division within the AOC and the subsequent turnover of all responsibilities (except security electronics) to the CHP’s Judicial Protection Unit. With exception to one person that is an expert in security electronics, this division duplicates the work of the Judicial Protection Unit of the CHP. Approximate Savings: 2 million per year.

4. Cut out layers of management. Eliminate directors and assistant directors for division managers. They don’t work as directors. All the titles do is entitle people to higher salaries. With seven layers of management to the top of the food chain, you have at least 2 layers (and realistically three layers) of management that can be gutted. All of these management positions across the organization were created to offer employment to those who keep their mouths shut and those who have blindly supported the AOC in the legislature. Estimated savings: 5 million a year

5. In every reorganization conducted over the last eight years, new sub-organizations have been created. The AOC has a standardized formula. If you need eight workers for any one project, then those eight workers get a supervisor. A group (or two) formed like this also gets a manager and/or a senior manager.  Most other government agencies actually hire mid-level management before a huge budget cut and eliminate that middle management when the cuts go through to show they did their part. This is not the AOC way. The agency perpetually grows without boundaries.  It is time to re-work this formula so that the AOC does not remain management heavy. Estimated Savings: 2 million a year

6. Prohibit year end spending sprees. Either you needed it and you planned and budgeted for it or you didn’t. If you didn’t, there should be no year end wish list to deliver the goods you never planned for. This activity by the AOC results in millions of questionable year-end expenditures and an avalanche of year-end sole source contracting to process the orders and get them in before this years budget expires a year later. Estimated Savings: 5 million a year.

7. Eliminate the internal audits department. There is no independence here, only an effort to bury the dirt. Substitute the Bureau of State Audits for both auditing and for whistleblowers. Estmated savings: 1.5 million a year up front, incalculable savings of actually being able to ferret out fraud, waste and abuse.

8. Eliminate TCAS or Trial Court Accounting Services. This department of approximately a hundred people manages siloed accounting codes. They may twiddle their thumbs for 7 hours a day looking for something to do as their job is to usurp trial court funds from the trial court they are assigned to and that does not happen every day. As a result of this activity, the AOC has almost three times the financial analysts managing a 4 billion dollar budget than the entire department of finance has managing the entire state budget of over 109 billion dollars. Approximate Savings: 15 million dollars.

9. Move all buildings and the responsibility for them to DGS. It costs DGS a dollar per square foot less per year to manage buildings than it does the AOC. This has to do with competitive bidding and public contract code. Neither one apply to the AOC’s wasteful expenditures when both should apply. Approximate savings: 20 million a year

There is 55+ million worth of savings right above us with zero impact on court operations.


This represents the start of our money saving ideas for the AOC. Do you have any you can add or do you want us to add any? Contact us in our private message window or drop a comment below.