Chief Justice indicates she is taking action in video release

Posted on June 22, 2011


In a three and a half minute video released to judges throughout California today, Chief Justice Cantil-Sukauye has said she’s gathered judicial branch leaders across the state to restore a 150 million dollars in cuts. She indicated she intended on meeting with the Governor and making her case.

Further on in the video, Cantil-Sukauye indicates she had asked presiding judges to ask their judges three questions and received over two hundred pages of replies from 38 courts. She does not appear to mention the comments supplied to her via the California Judges Association.

The questions asked were about governance, about what people perceive is wrong with the AOC and recommendations about what action she should take. Out of two hundred pages of comments she assures judges that she has read every one. Some recommendations she has already taken action on and some will take a bit longer.

The question of the day remains will she release these two hundred pages of comments to the media, the public or to this states’ judges?

An open letter from JCW to Tani Cantil-Sukauye,

There are two main issues that judicial branch leadership is hemorrhaging over.

1. Transparency. If there are two hundred pages of comments related to governance, what judges of the state perceive is wrong with the AOC and what recommendations are being made to her, she should release those comments to the media and this states judges.

Demonstrate transparency by walking the talk.

2. Accountability and Action. We’re going to put these together because she will either need to take an action to correct a perceived problem or hold people accountable.

There is nothing that currently resembles accountability in the Cantil-Sukayue administration and there was none whatsoever in the King George administration.

Demonstrate that you are serious about taking corrective action by a checklist. Let the judicial branch know what corrective course you are taking and why. Don’t be a Tony Hayward and say “you just want to get on with your life” and keep everyone in the dark.

The public thanks you in advance for your time and effort.

Truly Yours,

Judicial Council Watcher

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