The AOC survey, the CJA survey & the black hole game

Posted on June 18, 2011


Shortly after the CJA survey was released, JCW got wind of a survey commissioned by the AOC themselves. JCW was informed that this survey was sent to both the states’ judges and court executive officers. We never got a copy of this questionnaire and checking with other journalists, some had heard of an AOC survey, some had not heard of an AOC survey, none had a copy of the survey.

Additionally, the CJA sent a letter regarding the CJA memberships’ perceived dissatisfaction with the JC/AOC. The ACJ has been clear on its dissatisfaction with the JC/AOC and has been writing about it for years. While we were all witnessing the struggle for AB1208 over the past month, our esteemed Chief Justice has been sitting on all of this information for over a month.

From what we can ascertain, all of that effort by others to bring attention to this unprecedented leadership crisis appears to gone straight into the circular file without any response from the JC/AOC or our esteemed Chief Justice. By any measure, the efforts made by the CJA and the ACJ to call attention to this leadership crisis and solve the branch’s problems internally are unprecedented and remain unaddressed. And our Chief Justice says that legislation is not required because the branch can solve their own problems. You might remember the words of William Vandiver from another thread.

“Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I’m from Missouri. You’ve got to show me”  William Vandiver -1899 

Since AB1208 is currently stalled and the our esteemed Chief Justice is currently sitting on all of this information that would enable any COMPETENT ADMINISTRATOR to act, we have not heard a word from the Judicial Council, the AOC or the Chief Justice about how they intend to address any of this.

A strong majority of this states judges and many judicial branch employees demand some leadership from our esteemed Chief Justice. From what we can ascertain, she hasn’t even acknowledged receipt of this information she requested.

Was all of this feigning of concern simply a charade?

Note: “Isn’t it time” is now JCW’s official theme song for the Cantil-Sakauye Administration.


Apparently, we’re not the only people that share Mr. Vandiver’s sentiments….



June 17, 2011

Dear Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye:

On April 8, 2011 following the CJA plebiscite, which revealed significant dissatisfaction with our branch’s management, you requested that the trial judges of this state respond to a questionnaire in order to give you additional information in addressing the issues of branch governance, identifying problems with the operation of the AOC, and making suggestions for solutions. It has now been 39 days since that information was given to you and we believe that the judges of this state should now be informed as to the results.

By this letter we respectfully request that you make available the actual verbatim responses as they were provided to you.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Andrew Banks

Tia Fisher

Susan Lopez-Giss

Kevin McCormick

Michael Hayes

Maryanne Gilliard

David Lampe

Daniel Goldstein

W. Kent Hamlin

Jeffrey Burke

John Somers

Steve White

H. Thomas Hollenhorst



Alliance of California Judges