Calling all writers!

Posted on June 17, 2011


JCW isn’t about just our opinion. Some of the materials JCW posts are provided by readers just like you. If you’ve got a story to tell that you believe others should know about, please consider JCW as a source publisher for your work.  As JCW’s primary focus is on the Judicial Council and the AOC’s questionable operations, we would appreciate your material relating to our focus.

Since we believe that letting others know what is going on at all levels of the California court system and how ignorance and mismanagement in San Francisco affects you locally, we’re especially keen to get stories from trial courts and from inside the AOC. There are many ways we can accomodate your material. You can write a story in your own words and we can publish it in your own words. If you wish us to re-write it in our words as to better conceal your identity as a contributor, that can and has been accomplished as well. If you desire credit or anonymity, we can accomodate.

JCW is also a recipient of sporadic anonymous information in our private message window. Some of this information is published and other information needs additional information or requires verification before publishing. If we haven’t published something that you’ve submitted in this fashion, consider a free hushmail account to remain anonymous and so we can converse.

Thanks for your support and assisting us in providing a little disinfecting sunshine.

This is a link to our encrypted, anonymous, secure contact form