To whom do we owe thanks for a 350 million dollar budget cut?

Posted on June 16, 2011


There’s been a whole lot of arrogance at 455 Golden Gate Avenue over the past six months. While a great deal of that arrogance came from the Office of the Chief Justice, quite a bit of it has come from their minions who supported this train wreck that we call CCMS.

What finally tipped the scale in favor of budget cuts was an op-ed piece by Justice Ming Chin in the Sacramento Bee about a week ago. When legislators saw that op-ed as a plea for further funding of the good ship CCMS, they said enough is enough.

It didn’t help that an operative from the AOC’s department of communications came in commenting by spinning talking points and implying Judicial Council Watcher was a liar. That mostly got us motivated to show who the liar was and reveal some incredibly damaging cards in the process. 

If the AOC’s ministry of truth wishes to have a credibility war with Judicial Council Watcher then we implore them to bring it on.  

Justice Ming Chin chairs CTAC – The Court Technology Advisory Committee.

About the worst thing he could do as chair of that committee that was responsible for oversight of CCMS up until the other FIVE committees were created to diffuse responsibility away from Justice Chin was to stick his neck out on the chopping block in Sacramento and extol the virtues of CCMS and imply that the public was in danger because of bad case management information.

Just a little bit of research would show that our legislature began non-revocable parole releases last year for non-violent offenders. Relying upon the information in a CDC risk assessment computer system, the inspector general found that 12% of the people released under these no parole releases from prision did not qualify for release due to some previously violent behavior not captured in the CDC’s system. A full 47% of the information was incorrect. This was information not entered/reported by a county probation officer or not entered by a court clerk.  

The Los Angeles Times would later in the week come out with an op-ed from State Senator Ted Leiu regarding these non-revocable parole releases and when anyone with any intelligence looked at the two op-eds, they came to the conclusion that Justice Chin was spinning scare tactics to scare the public into believing that CCMS was the holy grail of what ills us. Not mentioned anywhere in his op-ed was that these were non-revocable parole releases he was referencing – which changes everything.

If you have an opportunity to thank anyone for the extra 150 million dollar budget cut just foisted upon us, be sure to thank Justice Ming Chin and his op-ed prowess and thank Mr. Bill who now runs the Ministry of Truth over at the AOC.