Judicial Council Watcher and the SEIU’s Stop Court Waste Programs

Posted on June 16, 2011


For quite awhile now, we’ve been getting email from SEIU members that suggests that our stop court waste program is better than their own unions stop court waste program and have asked JCW to approach the SEIU and forge a stop court waste alliance.

We’ve tried to no avail. One of the media companies that works with us separately tried to no avail.

While we have suggested that we’re willing to take on this role if they’re willing to link out to us between campaigns which seems to be the only time court waste becomes an SEIU issue, it makes sense to those who are about to lose their jobs to CCMS or 429.00 clock batteries. We asked for nothing. We’re not out to make any money. We’re only acting in the capacity of concerned Californians about the horrific waste that is about to cost a whole lot of court workers lost man hours or lost jobs.

If you have high level contacts within the SEIU (or any other court related union) and you believe that we provide a valuable service to court workers, let them know to link their statewide stop court waste campaigns to JCW between campaigns. Court waste does not stop just because a new contract was ratified.

The bonus is that when they let us know their stop court waste campaigns are going active, we will promote those campaigns and present them with an immeasurable amount of material to do so.