Why Follow Judicial Council Watcher on Twitter?

Posted on June 13, 2011


Follow Judicial Council Watcher on Twitter @CouncilWatcher

Judicial Council Watcher on Twitter provides links to stories as well as other angles of interest to citizens, those in the legislature and the 20,000 employees of California’s judicial branch. Much of this material often becomes the untold story while a limited amount becomes the untold part of the story that we then tell.

Oftentimes these feeds illustrate a portion of what Judicial Council Watcher and our media partners do off this site to fight the propaganda war with the truth. We don’t know how many millions of dollars the AOC spends on its propaganda machine. Our objective is to ensure balance in what is being reported and to assist others in separating fact from truthiness or outright fiction.

As long as we exist, we intend to perpetually expand our online presence. Currently Judicial Council Watcher is syndicated by various means to a little over two hundred other web destinations. Lots of that is related to the social networking of our readers for which we owe thanks. Additionally, as long as we exist, “Pravda” might as well set that money afire because we intend to produce that end result regardless.

Judicial Council Watcher can be found on Twitter @CouncilWatcher or utilize our email address – JudicialCouncilWatcher@hushmail.com. We believe that most would be amazed by the amount of effort we put in to bringing the truth to light by fighting the propaganda war on other fronts.