Assembly Bill 1208 is now a two year bill

Posted on June 3, 2011


We just received word that Assembly Bill 1208 is now on a two year track. It appears that in the past couple of days, legislators have been inundated with both supporters of the legislation and opponents of the legislation to the point that many were unwilling to cast any vote either way.

What this will be is a (squandered) opportunity for Chief Justice Mini-mimi to show her stuff and demonstrate she’s a sound administrator. I suspect if she continues the same shell game that this bill will fly through the Assembly on an express train come the first part of next year. As it is, it remains in the Appropriatons suspense file for the next legislative session.

During that time, the legislators and the public will have an up close and personal observation of Chief Justice Mini-mimi in action. While she claims that she didn’t have enough time to evaluate or act as the chief before AB1208 hit her doorstep, the thought was always weather or not Chief Justice Mini-mimi would be a leader and address those concerns, making the bill unnecessary.

Unfortunately for her, she will likely be facing additional regulatory legislation in the next legislative session as well. In the meantime, JCW and our media partners will be expanding our activities, our reach and our communications in an effort to educate the public so that when this bill comes up next year, it’s a done deal.

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