Visiting JCW at work may not be a good idea

Posted on May 23, 2011


According to JCW’s technical advisors, numerous managing entities in the courts have programmed their proxy servers and appliances to notify them in the event you visit us here at JCW and in some cases we can detect them detecting your visit to us.

Proxy servers and appliances serve numerous purposes at internet gateways and nearly every court in the state utilizes them, including the AOC. Some of the functions proxy servers and appliances can serve is to block access to certain web sites. However, the devices our technical advisors are warning us about are those that are set up to send a notification when a web site is visited. In most cases, this enables a manager to be promptly notified when you visit a web page and monitor your activity. In some cases, these devices can be set up to monitor actual web pages visited in real time or in playback mode. In other cases, managers can log into your current session remotely and monitor the screen in front of you in real time.

We don’t know what your computer usage policy is in the place that you work but before visiting us here at JCW, you might wish to ensure that visiting us, even at lunch time, does not violate your computer usage policy.

One last word of advice from our technical advisors:

When using any government computer or network, no expectation of privacy is to be assumed.