Negley vs AOC appellate & reply briefs

Posted on May 17, 2011


The two documents uploaded (opposition of motion to strike incorrectly labeled) NegleyAppealRedacted and (Negly’s Appeal document incorrectly labeled) NegleyReplyRedacted (this document was scanned upside down. Right click and rotate it twice to make it rightside up) are the two briefs filed by Paula Negley with respect to her appeal. For those not in the know, Paula Negley worked in the Labor Relations Unit of the Human Resounces Department.


She filed an internal complaint about a new hire being brought in to do the same work for higher pay and special consultant classificiation. From there, the AOC made her life a living hell having her jump through hoop after hoop for everything. They wanted her to quit. They did everything in their power to encourage her to quit including publicly humiliating her in front of coworkers, denying her overnight travel to faraway places and questioning every expense she submitted regardless of its legitimacy. Sometimes questioning the same expenses over and over even when provided with the same answer over and over.

Paula took her equal pay case to the federal courts where Marilyn Hall Patel would then dismiss the expanded equal pay/wrongful termination suit in a summary judgment. The suit itself implicates Ron George, Bill Vickrey and Ron Overholt for their roles in doing nothing to address the inequity. Ultimately, Paula Negley was wrongfully terminated for following a court order to turn over documents in discovery. Documents that were confidential and placed in her office by her superiors who were the only ones who had access to it.

Marilyn Hall Patel, who had presented the chief justice an award just a short time before the Negley trial determined that Negley had no case and therefore there would be no trial, dismissing Paula’s claim in a motion for summary judgment, denying her the audience of a jury.

These are the first two documents. There will be additional supporting documents scanned and added to this post that outlines the underlying case as we scan them just below this entry in a list so check back.

Since one of our media partners got PDF scanning documents down we will be assembling and posting documents from Jon Wintermeyer and Michael Paul as well. Look for those in an upcoming post.