Judge “Chuck” Horan thank you for your service

Posted on May 6, 2011


Twenty three years ago, then Governor George Deukmejian tapped Judge Horan to sit on the Glendale Municipal Court. Two years later he was elevated to a Superior Court position where he has honorably served the Los Angeles County Courts.

JCW knows Judge Horan best as an advocate for court workers, the people of the state of California, of democracy and of the rule of law and being a member of JCW’s Hall of Fame.

A vocal ACJ director of the fastest growing judges association that writes killer op-ed pieces about an out of control AOC, many of us will miss him being the catalyst for change who wears the robe. According to his communications here and elsewhere Judge Horan is going to continue to fill that role and we could not be more delighted to hear that, sans the robe.

Here is to a comfortable, relaxing retirement that offers you the occasional opportunity for challenges that will keep you razor sharp. I think the ACJ will offer you plenty in that arena. Though we are sad to see you leave the bench, we’re ecstatic that you’re not leaving the fight.

Judge Charles “Chuck” Horan – from all of us affiliated with JCW – thank you for your service.