AB1208 gets moved to the judiciary committee

Posted on April 28, 2011


By now we all know via various reports that AB1208, the Calderon Trial Courts Rights Act has been moved out of the Assembly Committee on Accountability & Administrative Review and over to the Assembly Judiciary Committee, who will be holding a hearing on the bill next Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011.

Obviously, this bill is the subject of serious political maneuvering. Strongly opposed by the same entity that failed to fulfill their part of the bargain 13 years ago, that entity now claims to be a service and not a control entity.

For all of this hot air blowing over from the Judicial Council, the AOC, plaintiffs bar, defense bar and others, what none of them have managed to do is come up with a single issue about AB1208 that they specifically oppose or the grounds under which they oppose it.

They want everyone to believe that feudalism is just one bill away when this is something they agreed to 13 years ago. Feudalism is what this bill would help dismantle. In fact, the opposition states that there is no reason for this bill because they have incorporated trial court financial policies and procedures in place and they have the courts covered.

Gee, the courts don’t think so. The majority of judges across this state don’t think so. Nobody believes that the policy and procedures are the least bit effective, except for those who wrote them and use them to rob trial courts of operating funds for $2500.00 light bulbs and 3 billion dollar software programs.

This would be the same group of people who write the rules of court and don’t obey those rules of court themselves. This would be the same group of people that makes governance decisions in secrecy without input from the judiciary or the public. “It’s a new day, we are under new leadership. Trust us, even though we’re nothing more than re-arranged deck chairs”

If you can’t trust them to live up to the commitment they made 13 years ago, if you can’t trust them to change a light bulb affordably, if you can’t trust them to not spend 2-3 billion on a software program of questionable value, why would anyone trust that this group of people is looking out for the best interests of the branch at all as opposed to their own self-interests and self-preservation?

AB1208 is about righting a series of wrongs. Those that oppose it do so under false pretenses and are guided by ignorance and fear.
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Committee Members District Phone E-mail
    Mike Feuer – Chair
Dem-42 (916) 319-2042 Assemblymember.Feuer@assembly.ca.gov
    Donald P. Wagner – Vice Chair
Rep-70 (916) 319-2070 Assemblymember.Wagner@assembly.ca.gov
    Toni Atkins
Dem-76 (916) 319-2076 Assemblymember.Atkins@assembly.ca.gov
    Roger Dickinson
Dem-9 (916) 319-2009 Assemblymember.Dickinson@assembly.ca.gov
    Jeff Gorell
Rep-37 (916) 319-2037 Assemblymember.Gorell@assembly.ca.gov
    Alyson Huber
Dem-10 (916) 319-2010 Assemblymember.Huber@assembly.ca.gov
    Jared Huffman
Dem-6 (916) 319-2006 Assemblymember.Huffman@assembly.ca.gov
    Brian W. Jones
Rep-77 (916) 319-2077 Assemblymember.Jones@assembly.ca.gov
    William W. Monning
Dem-27 (916) 319-2027 Assemblymember.Monning@assembly.ca.gov
    Bob Wieckowski
Dem-20 (916) 319-2020 Assemblymember.Wieckowski@asm.ca.gov