Chief Justice, Council & CJA leadership shenanagins

Posted on April 16, 2011


Thus far, the Chief Justice, Judicial Council and the AOC have derided AB1208 legislation. They’ve trotted out new and improved mouthpieces you’ve not seen before to scare you and everyone else  into believing that feudalism is just one piece of legislation away.

What they have not done is come out with the specific reasons they oppose the bill, which would be the starting point on coming to the table on issues that might make this bill unnecessary. Rather, they and their supporters wish to take it off the fast track and make it a two year bill so they have ample opportunity to kill the legislation. Legislation that does nothing more than redefine the JC/AOC’s responsibilities to the trial courts that the failed to act upon some 14 years ago.

They also want to know what everyone sees is wrong with the Judicial Council and the AOC as if they were clueless , as if there was nothing wrong, as if none of the many issues brought to the foreground by bloggers like AOC Watcher and Judicial Council Watcher, the whistleblowers or the ACJ exist.  ALL MEDIA wants to know the ugly truth of what the judiciary sees in the Judicial Council/AOC through their own eyes, even if it was an an anonymous compilation of comments that was released to us.

In case you’re wondering, the Judicial Council and the AOC don’t really read us. After all, who has time to read the midnight rantings of a bunch of people in their pajamas? I mean, besides the 28 or so county courts that have confirmed to us they read, the legislative aides who tell us that they read, the judges and justices that tell us that they read, the other media organizations that tell us they read and we’re syndicated in whole or in part to 69 other outlets, where we’re sure that no one from the Judicial Council or the AOC reads us.

The AOC is currently trying to collect as much information as they can from as many parties as they can regarding specific deficiencies or allegations against the AOC and JC, promising that somewhere along the way, your name will be seperated from your opinion. In some cases, they are using court CEO’s (that they believe are in their pocket) to circumvent the PJ’s and collect this information and that’s going over just swell in some courts.

Most of those responding in my private message window or email are both insulted and incensed. Court workers and judges alike tell me that their judges have “judge stuff” to do and don’t have time to respond to an inane request from the AOC that will only permit them to build a political hit list. Court workers writing us are universally incensed that the Chief Justice, the Judicial Council, the leadership of the AOC and in some cases, their own courts leadership and their unions are not doing more or speaking out louder while they stare down an AOC created gun barrel at their careers.

If the Judicial Council, the AOC or their supporters had any intent on discussing any point of AB1208 it would consist of sincere dialog now as opposed to fear mongering and tactical delay.  Tactical delay? We’re being told on Tuesday, April 19th the leadership of the CJA and the die-hard supporters of the AOC will meet again in a valiant, last-ditch effort to get two year bill language into the letter to Calderon regardless of their memberships desire to remain neutral on the issue of AB1208. Additionally, we read from Nathaniel Woodhull that somehow this bill may have been pushed over to the Judiciary committee – an unconfirmed report. CJA’s leadership and AOC supporters wish drive a wedge between the two organizations and let the voice of the judiciary continue to offer social gatherings and pet insurance while everybody pretends nothing is wrong. They seem to want to let the ACJ do all the dirty work and heavy lifting while taking credit for whatever happens either way as the voice of the judiciary.

Our advice to CJA’s Herman, Davis & Company?

Give it up.

Change the direction that the gun barrel is pointing from pointing at the careers of your dedicated workforce and point that gun barrel back at the Judicial Council and the AOC.

If they eliminated only waste and corruption, future layoffs might be unnecessary. If they had been transparent and accountable, past layoffs would have been unnecessary as they might have qualified for substantial federal funding.

Funding they intentionally walked away from rather than be either transparent or accountable.

I won’t back down.

Will you?